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AdVon Commerce, a leader in AI-driven e-commerce solutions, collaborated with Bespin Global, a Google Cloud premier partner, to enhance product descriptions using Google's advanced AI models, Text-Bison and Google Gemini. Facing challenges in improving the quality and accuracy of product descriptions, as well as scalability issues, AdVon engaged Bespin Global to develop a tailored Generative AI MVP on Google Cloud. Bespin Global provided a consultative approach, including PoC implementations, high-level reference architectures, and expert guidance. This strategic initiative successfully improved the quality of product content, improved accuracy, and demonstrated scalability. Bespin Global’s expertise in cloud technologies and tailored customized AI solutions facilitated this successful project, setting a new standard for future e-commerce optimization.


Successful Transition to Google Cloud: AdVon Commerce streamlined their infrastructure and enhanced performance by migrating to Google Cloud Platform and integrating Generative AI technologies.

Improved Product Description Accuracy: The pilot use of the Google Gemini Pro model improved the accuracy of product descriptions, reducing manual verification needs and increasing content generation efficiency.

Proven Scalability: Bespin Global's implementation demonstrated that Generative AI solutions could handle increased demands, supporting future growth and market expansion.


AdVon Commerce faced several challenges in enhancing their e-commerce solutions for online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. Their primary goal was to improve the quality and accuracy of the product descriptions generated for their clients. While they had an existing process using internal algorithms and Generative AI tools, they sought to explore Google's advanced AI models, Text-Bison and Gemini, for better results. The key challenges they aimed to address were:

Improving Quality and Accuracy of Product Descriptions: There was a need to enhance the quality and accuracy of product descriptions to make them more engaging and informative for end-users.

Scalability Issues: Their internal processes and algorithms needed enhancements to handle growing demands and ensure scalability and enterprise readiness.

Leveraging Advanced AI Technologies: AdVon was interested in exploring Google’s Generative AI models, Text-Bison and Gemini, to see if it could provide better accuracy and performance compared to their existing tools.


Bespin Global, leveraging its expertise as a premier Google Cloud partner, designed and implemented a tailored Generative AI MVP for AdVon Commerce using Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Text-Bison model. Key components of the solution included:

MVP & Proof of Concept (POC) Implementation: Launched an MVP for AdVon Commerce with a rapid Proof of Concept (POC) on Google Cloud, using advanced AI technologies like Vertex AI, Text-Bison, and Gemini to automate product descriptions. This initial phase included replicating AdVon's existing solution on Google Cloud, selecting datasets, reviewing code, and generating outputs, effectively testing the feasibility and laying the foundation for expanded deployment.

Technical Design and Customization: Developed a high-level MVP design tailored to integrate seamlessly with AdVon's existing AI solutions. This technical architecture utilized Google Cloud services like Vertex AI, BigQuery, and Dataflow, ensuring that the new system was optimized for better performance and integration without disrupting existing processes.

Implementation and Iterative Refinement: Collaborated closely with AdVon to select appropriate datasets, refine AI models, and continuously iterate based on feedback from AdVon's stakeholders. This process was focused on achieving high-quality output that met predefined success criteria and demonstrated the practical application of generative AI technologies.

Demonstration and Strategic Recommendations: Provided a comprehensive demonstration of the capabilities of the Generative AI solution, followed by strategic recommendations for scaling the MVP to full-scale production, preparing AdVon for a successful and scalable technology deployment across their operations. This phase included showcasing working sample code and providing detailed steps for enhancing system capabilities and integrating additional features.

Training and Knowledge Transfer: Enabled the AdVon team to understand best practices around the use of the Generative AI solution, ensuring that they could independently manage and optimize the technology post-implementation.

This comprehensive solution framework not only tackled the immediate challenges but also set the stage for AdVon Commerce's sustainable growth and technological advancement in e-commerce.

Bespin Global’s knowledgeable, helpful team, and their great relationship with Google helped us progress into new areas we didn’t know were possible. It’s been a pleasure working with them every step of the way.  

Vlad Barshai, Head of Engineering, AdVon Commerce

Why Bespin Global Stands Out

Bespin Global's success in this project can be attributed to several key differentiators:

Expertise in Google Cloud AI Solutions: As a premier Google Cloud partner, Bespin Global leverages advanced AI technologies to deliver customized, high-performing solutions.

Rapid PoC Execution: Bespin Global’s ability to swiftly and effectively execute Proof of Concepts ensures that clients can quickly validate new Generative AI solutions, facilitating timely decision-making and accelerated innovation.

Customer-Centric Approach: Leveraging extensive industry experience, Bespin Global delivers personalized solutions that address specific business challenges. This customer-first mindset ensures exceptional service, fostering successful and collaborative partnerships that drive continuous improvement.

Strong Industry Relationships: With robust partnerships with Google, Bespin Global ensures clients benefit from the latest advancements and best practices, providing a competitive edge in AI and cloud technologies.

The Bespin Global team’s expert knowledge and connections with the Google Cloud team rapidly accelerated getting onto Marketplace and getting support from Google.

Eric Spurling, President, AdVon Commerce