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Gartner Magic® Quadrant™ Recognizes Bespin Global for the Sixth Consecutive Year, Highlighting Bespin Global’s Continued Success as a Premier Cloud Partner

Gartner Magic Quadrant has recognized Bespin Global for the sixth year in a row. As one of only 20 companies worldwide that make the Public Cloud IT Transformation Service list annually, Bespin Global’s continued success displays its commitment as a dependable, credible Premier Cloud Partner for companies of all sizes. Fewer than ten companies worldwide have been recognized for 6 consecutive years. Other companies with this distinction include major companies Deloitte and Accenture, placing Bespin Global in an elite group of businesses.

Tech research and consulting firm Gartner has been developing Magic Quadrant lists since the 1990s. Each year, Gartner analyzes technology companies in different categories, providing an unbiased evaluation of their standing among their competitors. Companies around the globe rely on these lists to compare technology providers in multiple niches.

Bespin Global began operating in 2015 and was first recognized by Gartner just two years later. Gartner initially listed Bespin Global in 2017 as a Niche Player in the Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers Magic Quadrant. Since then, Bespin Global has been listed on Gartner Magic Quadrant for 6 consecutive years. Bespin Global then received the following awards:

  • 2018: Public Cloud Infrastructure Managed Service Providers - recognized as a Niche Player

  • 2019: Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services - recognized as a Challenger

  • 2020: Public Cloud Infrastructure Professional and Managed Services - recognized as a Leader

In 2021, Gartner Magic Quadrant released a new Public Cloud IT Transformation Services category. This category focuses more specifically on public cloud transformation. Gartner’s standards for this category require providers to deliver transformational IT outcomes. Providers also must communicate with customers using application-led engagement, and build solutions exclusively with public cloud resources. Gartner listed Bespin Global in this new Magic Quadrant, first as a Niche Player in 2021 and then as a Visionary in 2022.

Bespin Global’s movement into the new Public Cloud IT Transformation Services category started with its expansion into the North American market. Despite the economic uncertainty brought by the COVID-19 global pandemic, Bespin Global’s commitment to global expansion enabled a successful launch in the North American market.

During the same period, Bespin Global expanded its services to include a consulting practice. Sunny Kim, CEO of Bespin Global US, said, “We built a consulting practice and a North American business at the same time. These steps proved that our highly efficient Cloud Managed Services Provider (MSP) model is also working in the United States.”

Global capabilities and flexible solutions

Along with the list of companies and their position in the quadrant, Gartner’s list recognizes the strengths of each company. Its analysis of Bespin Global noted Bespin’s global capabilities and the strategic investments it has made, including expanding its geographic reach and cloud consulting capabilities. Bespin Global also has one of the lowest workforce attrition rates of providers in this Magic Quadrant™, underscoring its employees’ commitment to the organization and its cause. “We are an organization that enables any company of any size to adopt, manage, and optimize their cloud as efficiently as possible,” said Kim.

Despite many smaller managed service providers being bought out after a few years in business, Bespin Global is committed to being a stable, reliable partner. “I ask a typical organization, ‘When you’re considering an MSP, do you want to work with a company that may go out of business in two or three years? Or a company that you know is going to be around five years from now?’ And that’s who we are,” said Kim.

As a Premier Cloud Partner for all three of the leading Cloud Service Providers(CSPs), Bespin Global offers objective recommendations to each customer about which cloud is best for them and why. That’s just one of the reasons they’re capable of working with companies of all sizes.

For digital natives and startups, Bespin Global’s scale and purchasing power give companies increased access to resources. “If you’re a startup that needs to stretch its funding over the next three years, you better squeeze everything out of what you currently have,” said Kim. “Cloud spending is actually the biggest cost after personnel, so it absolutely matters that you spend as little as possible. Bespin leverages its scale to help customers succeed.”

Kim also noted that Bespin’s flexibility adds value in uncertain economic times. “In these circumstances, flexibility is crucial, but doing so with just an internal workforce is quite challenging. A DevOps engineer cannot be forced overnight to develop applications. So we created our DevOps-as-a-Service offering to fit this needs. Think of our team as elastic resources that are like your in-house DevOps resources ”

While Bespin is an ideal partner for digital natives and startups in the US, it is already a well-established MSP in Asia and MEA and also works with larger, multinational corporations. Current customers with long-term contracts include Samsung, the biggest cloud spender in all of Asia, and Hyundai Motor Group, one of the largest automakers in the world.

“We have references from hundreds of startups that went through the entire cycle with us. And we have companies of a much larger scale who are also very satisfied,” said Kim. “Customers can put their trust in us knowing that we have worked with every scale, every size, and the most complex workloads in the world. We prove it again and again.”

Bespin Global’s future plans: Leadership. Education. Expansion

Bespin Global’s competencies include fast migration and the capability to modernize legacy applications. They support their customers by enabling, monitoring, and optimizing processes through strategic cloud transformation.

Besides enabling cloud transformation, Bespin Global is providing cloud education and coaching to customers based on its corporate value of ‘Learn. Do. Share.’ By establishing Bespin Global Tech Center (BTC) in Busan, Korea in 2021, and Cloud Academy in Abu Dhabi, UAE in 2022, Bespin Global is taking the lead in nurturing cloud talent. Bespin Global plans to continue its investment in people by educating cloud experts and continuing its commitment to knowledge sharing.

Bespin’s listing on Gartner Magic® Quadrant™ for the 6th year demonstrates Bespin’s continued commitment to being a powerful enabler of the public cloud for companies of all sizes. Bespin Global is expanding its workforce with new cloud specialists, such as cloud engineers, as part of its ongoing commitment to the North American market.

“We have references from hundreds of startups that went through the entire cycle with us. And we have companies of a much larger scale who are also very satisfied.  Customers can trust us knowing that we have worked with every scale, every size, and the most complex workloads in the world. We prove it again and again.”

-Sunny Kim, CEO, Bespin Global US