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As a world-renowned Jewelry & Watches brand, Tiffany & Co had built over the years its legacy relying on two main pillars: innovation and design. The significant expansion of the e-commerce industry led jewelry brands to cater to an increasingly demanding online market which also drove the company into embracing more innovation and change.


Due to the intensive brand awareness campaigns and increase in sales performance in China, the enterprise made great efforts to expand its e-commerce channels and built its own official website in China.

  • The enterprise has currently around 260 server resources deployed on Microsoft Azure, which implied the urgent need to accelerate business transformation with a resilient, scalable cloud-based infrastructure and big data analytics capabilities.
  • The need for a professional, cloud-savvy partner with a qualified technical team and deep knowledge and experience in cloud IT systems to provide professional cloud operations and billing management services.


Bespin Full-Process Solution 

After evaluating the company’s challenges, Bespin Global provided a one-stop, full-process solution that covered all aspects from cloud IT architecture design to cloud management services. 

OpsNow a hybrid multi-cloud access 

OpsNow is a hybrid multi-cloud management platform developed by Bespin Global, that gives the client the opportunity to manage his multiple cloud accounts in one tool. Therefore, the efficiency of the operations is improved and the recovery time is shortened. 

OpsNow Billing Services 

The billing services provided by OpsNow, display a multi-dimensional analysis of the cloud resource usage costs, in multiple ways to advise the client with cost optimization options and remove the complex billing summaries, and get him a unified billing management optimization. 

Quick Response and Summary 

Clients can benefit from the capabilities of OpsNow in summarizing their events and responding in quick ways using monitoring alerts, service requests, business changes and others. 

Bespin 24/7 MSP Service 

Thanks to the 24/7 Managed Services Provider services, Bespin provides the customer regardless its location with international standards of service processes.


Bespin Global helps customers deploy from traditional IT architecture to cloud architecture for more efficient management and cost optimization, with key customer benefits which includes:

Resource usage and cost optimization 

by helping customers explore through a variety of cloud architectures and lay out properly the applications. 

Time reduction with the 24/hour Managed Services Provider (MSP) service, 

where IT staff can greatly save time on operations and be more focused on business innovation, therefore help in driving their company’s business growth. 

Provide regular weekly meetings and monthly operational summary reports 

for the project phase to give customers a clearer understanding of the project’ progress. 

Convenient monitoring tools and a monitoring interface 

Customers’ operations staff can see in a clearer way the operating interface. 

System access to the cloud has been dramatically accelerated, increasing management and service efficiency. 

Efficient operations and maintenance services ensure the stability of the business system, so that the user access is stable without delay, and greatly improve the user satisfaction, thus driving the growth of the business. 

Solution of the application system failure 

On July 22nd, the day the customer’s website went live, Bespin Global gave great support and was able to detect and cooperate with the solution of the application system failure in the first place. On the day the website went online, the official website produced nearly 10 single transactions.