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AMOREPACIFIC is a cosmetic brand in Korea, they continue to grow and brand internationally in China and in the world market. Established in September 1945, AMOREPACIFIC Corp. (referred to as ‘AMOREPACIFIC’) is committed to becoming the “Asian Beauty Creator” and has provided global customers with a total package of beauty and health solutions through 30 brands spanning beauty, household, and healthcare products. Building upon its expertise balanced with tradition and modern science, AMOREPACIFIC has been operating a cutting-edge R&D center and product distribution. The company joined UN Global Compact in 2007 in its pursuit of sustainable management that matches the global standards and was admitted to the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index (DJSI World) in 2010.


Unstable IT System to Support Their Rapid Growth in China

AMOREPACIFIC experienced rapid growth in the Chinese market. However, with the centralized IT infrastructure in Korea, it made it difficult to operate in China. They experienced systems going down when there’s online platform slowdown and traffic congestion. Their systems also experienced existing high-cost infrastructure operating costs and compliance issues.

Given that the Chinese IT system was located in the data center in Korea, it made the geographical operation difficult. The POS system in China was often down and unable to complete order fulfillment for the ‘Single Day’ on November 11th every year. There were also compliance issues that arose because of the remote location of the data center, which slowed the online service in China and the Chinese customer’s information was located in the Korean data center. Traffic congestion was not enough for existing IT infrastructures.


Bespin Global addressed the existing with a structure of solutions. From cloud-to-cloud migration, to architectural design, operational planning, and an end-to-end consultation with our priorietary cloud management platform, OpsNow.

End-to-end Consultation covered everything you needed to do before the cloud

This consultation included stable deployment without consulting, migration plans, architectural design, assessment, and downtime for existing work environments without requiring migration to Azure.

Premium managed Services

Bespin Global incorporated a premium managed service with round the clock monitoring (24 hours x 7 days a week x 365 days a year) that minimizes the occurrence of failures and enabled quick response in case of failure.

Bespin Global’s in-house cloud management platform, including constant monitoring through OpsNow and application management tools

This platform encompassed wide monitoring coverage covering systems, networks, applications, storage and DBMS. Along with Hybrid environment monitoring and dashboard with detailed view by service group. It vastly improved the operator’s workflow through ticketing / alarm service (ITSM) and enabled Root Cause Analysis through log data collection in case of system failure.


AMOREPACIFIC experienced several favorable outcomes, their IT infrastructure reduced operating costs by 30%, increased productivity by 100%, fastened response times by 10 times, and improved system performance.

Bespin Global used the AWS Relational Database Service and Data Migration Service to migrate and sync data with the AWS Cloud within minimized time and cost. In addition, by distributing traffic effectively and reducing costs through AWS CloudFront, a Content Delivery Network (CDN) service, AMOREPACIFIC has provided stable service to its customers for customer events websites.

AMOREPACIFIC is a best practice for achieving operational efficiency, high performance, cost optimization, and stability pertaining to well-structured frameworks. After switching to the cloud through Bespin China, the operation against autoscaling and traffic congestion has eliminated the single-day system issue. We were able to move our system location to China to address compliance issues. The speed of the online platform that serves China and the overall service environment have improved. We saved 30% of our costs by reducing the enormous licensing and operational staff costs of on-premises infrastructure deployments.


Bespin China has been operating as an independent corporation in China, succeeding Bespin Global’s expertise and experience. We have a close partnership with China’s cloud providers and partners to provide a stable service environment.

Experience and Expertise

Bespin Global’s operating staff in China is made up of specialized cloud workers with a high level of understanding of China’s network and service environment.

Transparent Management Through OpsNow, and Quick Response Time

Through Monitoring and Resource Management, a management platform that can track the entire process from event to alarm and response. OpsNow ensures operational transparency.