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Crescom, a leader in medical information analysis, significantly enhanced its healthcare services by adopting Google Cloud. This strategic move resolved challenges with data storage and processing, enabling rapid and efficient analysis of medical images. The cloud technology not only ensured compliance with data retention regulations but also accelerated patient diagnosis and treatment, marking a major advancement in healthcare technology.

About Crescom:

Crescom is a technology company that specializes in medical information analysis. Operating in a sector where accurate and rapid analysis of medical data is crucial, Crescom plays a pivotal role in enhancing patient care and treatment efficiency. The company operates in an environment that requires the secure and long-term storage of medical images, as mandated by regulations in Korea.


Crescom's primary challenges revolved around data storage and processing. The mandatory requirement to store medical images for a period of five years posed a significant storage and management challenge. Furthermore, the process of medical image analysis was time-consuming, often taking from several minutes to days. This delay in image processing led to extended treatment periods, which could negatively impact patient outcomes. Additionally, Crescom faced operational risks like power outages and server crashes, which threatened the reliability and continuity of their services.


To overcome these challenges, Crescom moved its operations to the cloud, specifically choosing Google Cloud. This move was aimed at leveraging the cloud's robust infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service and better management of large volumes of medical data. Crescom also collaborated with Bespin Global, a partner specializing in cloud services, to efficiently organize platform resources and tackle technical challenges. This partnership was vital in navigating the complexities of cloud migration and ongoing management.


The transition to Google Cloud, with the support of Bespin Global, brought transformative results for Crescom. The cloud infrastructure addressed their data storage needs, ensuring compliance with the five-year retention requirement without the physical limitations of traditional storage. More significantly, the cloud-enabled rapid analysis of medical images, drastically reducing the time from minutes or even days to just seconds. This acceleration in data processing led to quicker diagnostic and treatment decisions, greatly enhancing patient care. Crescom's CEO, Jaejoon Lee, recognizing these benefits, advocates for Google Cloud, especially for businesses eyeing global expansion. Crescom's success story is a testament to the impact of cloud technology in revolutionizing medical information analysis and healthcare delivery.

By moving to the cloud, we no longer have to worry about power outages or unexpected server crashes. And if you are planning to go global, I highly recommend Google Cloud. In order to organize appropriate platform resources and to solve technical issues smoothly, it is highly recommended to get help from a partner such as Bespin Global rather than trying to solve everything alone. - CEO, Crescom