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SK Telecom is a company that sets a goal of surpassing the limits of globalizing mobile communication services and being a Global ICT leader for future growth. SK Telecom has established a global ecosystem by cooperating and partnering with various information communication providers in Asia, and is a company that represents Korea by empowering the country’s capabilities of globalization.


Bespin Global has made an effort to set up a system that integrates all of SK Telecom’s services and sends recommendations for products to all the members. The target was to provide one product recommendation a day by utilizing the data that SK Telecom possesses.


For large data processing, Bespin Global utilized AWS Direct Connect to transmit the data that had been in On-premise and then generated the recommendation results by using both Spark ML and SageMaker in EMR (Elastic MapReduce) environments. Bespin stored the mass recommendation results in NoSQL (DynamoDB) and then provided on-demand service. As such, SK Telecom was able to obtain service stability by utilizing AWS cloud environments.


SK Telecom plans to provide various machine-learning related services by putting the mass data of the enterprise to use. The company is making arrangements in particular to consistently utilize machine learning and data learning environments with AWS SageMaker.