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About Business Canvas:

Business Canvas is a startup company that provides a document-based collaboration SaaS, “Typed,” a document collaboration tool that streamlines fragmented workflow. Over 20,000 users from 150+ countries worldwide use ‘Typed’, which presents a new paradigm for document work and knowledge management.


To efficiently build and test its products, Business Canvas has been using Firebase, Cloud Run, and Cloud Functions since the beginning of its operation, along with other additional Google Cloud services. Business Canvas was looking for data expertise because "Typed" is a SaaS that facilitates a structured grouping of different resources. Thus, Business Canvas chose Google Cloud and Bespin Global as their cloud service provider and technology partner because of GCP's superior capabilities in machine learning and big data solutions and Bespin Global’s extensive experience and expertise in big data management and industry-leading support.


“You can test and develop quickly through the various features of Google Cloud. In addition, it is a huge benefit to improve the product using Google Cloud because Google Cloud offers various capabilities tailored for big data and machine learning.” says Product Manager, at Business Canvas

The major services of Business Canvas are all managed by GKE (Google Kubernetes Engine), which offers a quick-deployment environment for testing. As a result, Business Canvas can now focus on product development. BigQuery, which analyzes , collects, and processes a massive amount of user data in real-time, is another tool with which Business Canvas is very pleased with. Google Cloud provided all other necessary infrastructure, such as Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, and Memorystore.

Business Canvas plans to actively leverage Google Cloud solutions to provide machine learning-based user recommendation features for 'Typed” and enable more dynamic information management in the future.


Since Business Canvas is a fast-growing, lean startup primarily focused on innovating new product features, they continue to require support and assistance managing the cloud infrastructure. Bespin Global has been actively providing technical support for Business Canvas as the company grows and its cloud workloads increase.

By working closely with Bespin Global, Business Canvas was able to use Google Cloud more cost-efficiently by implementing Bespin Global’s FinOps and Cost Optimization services. In order to efficiently manage cloud resources and costs, Business Canvas also plans to adopt OpsNow, a multi-cloud management platform provided by Bespin Global.


GKE, BigQuery, Compute Engine, Cloud SQL, Memorystore

“To get the most out of the Cloud, we need help from a professional partner. Through Bespin Global, we were able to use Google Cloud at a more reasonable cost. We plan to receive technical support from Bespin Global to continue to stabilize cloud infrastructure operations in the future. I recommend Bespin Global to anyone thinking about adopting Google Cloud. ” 

 - Product Manager, at Business Canvas