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Surecar migrates to Google Cloud to build an infrastructure that scales up and down, delivering cost-effective stability regardless of unpredictable workload demands.


GKE, Artifact Registry, Cloud SQL, Cloud Storage, Cloud NAT

About Sure Car:

Surecar collaborates with more than 300 domestic capital and rental companies and offers the signature 'SureCar' service, which specializes in selling used cars, and the 'New Car Dream' service, which specializes in selling new cars.

To lead the growing automotive finance market, Surecar developed an ERP solution that helps its partner salespeople manage their customers. As a result, Surecar has more than 1,500 sales representatives satisfied with Surecar's ERP solution, provided through a stable cloud-based system.

About Bespin Global

Bespin Global, a premier Google Cloud Managed Service Provider, offers companies engineering, tools, and expertise to accelerate cloud migration, optimization, and digital transformation.


During the earlier years of the business, Surecar purchased on-premises servers and had them managed by a thirty-party server management company in the form of co-location. However, as their business expanded, the required capabilities and workloads also increased. As a result, Surecar had to transform the application design method into an MSA (MicroService Architecture) method to respond to the market more quickly.

As the number of modules increased to more than 40, uploading all of them to the existing on-premises servers has become a limiting factor for their business. As it was too expensive to buy additional servers and workload demands were unpredictable, Surecar needed to find a cost-effective way to improve its infrastructure's performance, scalability, and reliability.


After evaluating the leading Cloud platforms, Surecar chose to migrate to Google Cloud for its flexibility and performance and adopted Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) at full scale.

Surecar currently uses two regular clusters on GKE and one autopilot cluster. With Google Cloud, the availability of the clusters is guaranteed because Kubernetes can be quickly created. Furthermore, Google Cloud migration also enabled Surecar to access other helpful infrastructures such as Artifact Registry, SQL, Cloud Storage, and Nat through Google Cloud adoption.

"Partnership with Bespin Global allowed us to properly evaluate and select the right, cost-efficient cloud features we needed. In addition, Bespin Global has been very helpful throughout the Google Cloud migration process, and we were able to resolve any technical issues through Bespin Global quickly," says IT Development Team Leader at Surecar.


1. Reduced server management time from 20 hours per month to 0 hours.

Surecar devoted more than an hour each day to maintaining the on-premises servers to prevent server downtime from traffic surges. After migrating to Google Cloud, Surecar has improved the reliability and stability of services during traffic surges. AlertNow, an integrated incident management tool developed by Bespin Global, sent an immediate notification when an issue occurred, eliminating the need to manage the server separately.

2. Strengthened high levels of security by migrating to the Cloud.

Protecting personal information is a top priority at Surecar. However, the on-premise servers were vulnerable to external attacks, so Surecar had to install a physical firewall to monitor the security. Google Cloud offers more granular firewalls and cluster settings. In addition, since the IPs are constantly changing, making it harder to access from the outside, Surecar was able to keep personal information more secure.

3. Built the infrastructure at predictable & affordable costs.

On-premises servers require a lot of time and manpower to manage and incur additional costs as servers must be purchased as services expand. It requires meticulous planning and is extremely hard to predict future demands. If you expand too fast, your overall cost efficiency plummets, if you are too slow, your services become too slow, or, in a worst-case scenario, unserviceable. However, the Cloud costs are predictable and billed per actual usage. Therefore, it does not require additional manpower to expand the infrastructure.

"In order to adopt and migrate to the Cloud more efficiently, we needed a reliable and knowledgeable partner. Bespin Global provided expert advice on Google Cloud's feature selection, pricing, and service inquiries. If you are looking for a reliable partner, I would definitely recommend Bespin Global for its Google Cloud migration expertise."

- IT Development Team Leader at Surecar.