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Caredoc, a startup specializing in nursing facility searches and caregiver matching, overcame data management challenges by implementing Google Cloud Platform with support from Bespin Global. This partnership enabled the efficient integration and analysis of complex data, enhancing Caredoc's services in connecting verified caregivers with those in need and improving the overall quality of caregiving.

About Caredoc:

Caredoc is an innovative startup that began as a platform for searching nursing facilities. It has evolved to offer a service that connects trusted caregivers, rigorously verified through a five-step process, with their guardians. This service aims to facilitate the finding of reliable caregiving support.


Caredoc faced a dual challenge. Operating both a caregiver service and a facility search service, the company needed to efficiently manage and analyze diverse data sets. Recognizing the critical role of big data early on, they implemented Google Cloud Platform (GCP) with a dedicated line. However, the deployment of advanced technologies like Kubernetes, Terraform, and Google BigQuery – a serverless data warehouse – presented a steep learning curve. Half a year ago, Kubernetes was not well-known, leading to difficulties in finding resources and technical support.


To address these challenges, Caredoc partnered with Bespin Global, Premier Google Cloud Partner. Bespin Global provided comprehensive technical support for Google Cloud services. This included bespoke solutions to complex problems, such as uninterrupted cluster replacement in a container environment and multi-regional operations. Bespin Global went beyond standard technical support, offering personalized assistance like reviewing Terraform code directly and facilitating direct communication with Google's engineers for in-depth solutions. This approach ensured that Caredoc felt more like they were working collaboratively with a partner rather than just receiving technical support.


Through the partnership with Bespin Global and the effective use of Google Cloud technologies, Caredoc successfully overcame its initial challenges. The company was able to integrate and analyze various data sets more efficiently, enhancing the overall functionality and effectiveness of their caregiver and facility search services. This technological advancement enabled Caredoc to better serve its users, matching them with verified caregivers seamlessly and improving the quality of care and service provision in the caregiving industry.

It’s been less than a year since I came into contact with the cloud. I don’t know where to ask, and I don’t know
where to look on the internet, and it was difficult because Kubernetes wasn’t famous just half a year ago.  - CTO, Caredoc