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Founded in San Francisco in 2013, Nylas is an API platform start-up that helps you quickly and easily create applications using various email, contacts, and calendar services such as Gmail, Google calendar, and Outlook. Currently, more than 40,000 developers use 1.2 billion API calls every day, and customers can quickly develop almost any use-case using data from emails and calendars via the API of Nylas. Key customers include Upwork, Wix, and Freshworks.


Nylas already had experience with other CMPs, but it was difficult to achieve proper results due to the low cost-to-use ratio. However, through the demonstration, the CISO of Nylas was satisfied with the various and professional features of OpsNow, such as superior cloud visibility and cost savings, compared to other CMPs, and that led Nylas to conduct a trial with the AWS account first.


OpsNow provided Nylas with a FinOps consulting service using data during the trial period so that Nylas could increase the utilization of CMP and properly see a cost reduction effect. Nylas expressed great satisfaction with the custom service that included practical and actionable recommendations. OpsNow team’s comprehensive set of optimization recommendations saved Nylas considerable time and effort. Since then, Nylas has adopted OpsNow as the sole CMP to monitor and manage all of its multi-cloud environments.


OpsNow is now used on a daily basis to monitor cloud usage and costs. Leveraging OpsNow made it possible for Nylas to quickly identify and respond to cost anomalies whereas in the past, Nylas team was often caught with cost spike surprises after they had occurred. In addition, OpsNow has been instrumental in helping Nylas understand both AWS and Google cloud environments, enabling easier operation management and multi-cloud cost control as a single source of information dashboard.


Currently, Nylas has a DevOps engineer on the team to check cloud usage and costs daily. Using this has made it possible to quickly identify and respond to signs of cost anomalies. In addition, as Nylas moves to a multi-cloud environment that utilizes AWS and GCP simultaneously, Google Cloud Account will also be added to OpsNow to continue managing the multi-cloud environment. Easier operation management and cost savings via OpsNow are expected.

“I’ve used multiple cloud management tools before, but OpsNow is surprisingly deep and rich in capabilities. It allowed us to gain visibility, cost control and savings over both our GCP and AWS environments. The strong combination of the intuitive user interface and exceptional offline service of cloud experts allowed Nylas to find some sizable wins quickly.”

- CISO, Nylas